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After Effects Expressions & JavaScript


JavaScript operators are symbols used to execute arithmetic operations, comparisons, assign values, determine the logic between variables (boolean), and other tasks.

Arithmetic operators

+ (addition)

R=5+2; //R returns 7

– (subtraction)

R=5-2; //R returns 3

* (multiplication)

R=5*2; //R returns 10

/ (division)

R=5/2; //R returns 2.5

% (returns remainder of division operation)

R=5%2; //R returns 1 (5÷2=2 r 1)

++ (increment by 1)

R=++R; //R returns 6

– – (decrement by 1)

R=--R; //R returns 4

Assignments operators

Where R=5 and S=2

= (assigns value)

R=S; //R is assigned the value of S, R returns 2


R+=S; //Short cut for R=R+S, R is assigned 5+2, R returns 7

-= (see example)

R-=S; //Short cut for R=R-S, R is assigned 5-2, R returns 3

*= (see example)

R*=S; //Short cut for R=R*S, R is assigned 5*2, R returns 10

/= (see example)

R/=S; //Short cut for R=R/S, R is assigned 5/2, R returns 2.5

%= (see example)

R%=S; //Short cut for R=R%S, R is assigned 5%2, R returns 1 (5÷2=2 r 1)

String operators

Where A=”Hello “, B=”World”

+ (join strings)

C=A+B; //C returns "Hello World"

+= (see example)

A+=B; //Short cut for A=A+B, A returns "Hello World"

Comparison operators

Where R=5

== (is equal to)

R==5; //true
R==10 //false

=== (equal to and same type)

R===10; //false
R===5; //true
R==="5" //false

!= (not equal)

R!=5; //false
R!=10; //true

!== (not equal or not same type)

R!==10; //true
R!==5; //false
R!=="5"; //true

> (greater than)

R>5; //false

< (less than)

R<5; //false

>= (greater than or equal)

R>=5; //true

<= (less than or equal)

R<=5; //true

Ternary (3 part) conditional operator

//When R &gt; 50 T returns 100, When R &lt;= 50, which it is, T returns 25

Logical operators

Where R=5 and Y=20

&& (and)

(R>4 && R<14); //true
(Y>4 && Y<14); //false

|| (or)

(R>4 || R>25); //true
(Y<4 || Y>25); //false

! (not)

(!R>4); //false
(!Y<4); //true
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