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Animation & Digital Puppets



The term bone, in animation, refers to a structure that gives control and shape to an animated object. In a character puppet, a group of bones can resemble a skeleton-like structure, often referred to as an armature, but bones can also be as simple as a single point.

Rigged puppet, animate.
Armature using Adobe Animate bones connected to symbols.
Simple puppet with armature.
This simple puppet was rigged using DUIK bone structures for the armature.

Moho is an animation program by Smith Micro used by hobbyists and professionals alike. It’s used in the pipeline of the makers of Puffin Rock and many other television shows (After Effects plays a role in the show as well). This YouTube video explains their workflow.  The 27 second video below shows a brief animation of a rigged puppet’s armature within the Moho interface, and then a rendered version of the same movement. The armature was created with the Moho bone tool.

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