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Duik Bassel tutorial groups on this page:


Status: Dormant | No new Duik tutorials planned at this time

The Duik Bassel Series focuses on Nicolas Dufresne’s (a.k.a. Duduf) excellent free scripting tool kit for After Effects called Duik. I feel this is one of the must-have tools for digital puppet animators who use After Effects. To see why, start by viewing the introduction group below.

Introduction To Duik Bassel & Where to Get It

Rigging Stickman Using Duik Bassel

Modifying the Stickman Rig for a Body Turn

Although these Stickman tutorials do not utilize Duik directly, they do show you how you can expand on the Duik rig as we modify Stickman so that you can turn him to his side using controllers.

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