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Series tutorials are constructed to be viewed in the order they are presented as they are actually a single very long tutorial cut into pieces for easier consumption. They build heavily on the previous video, often using the same files (but not always).

After Effects Tutorial Series

Duik Bassel Tutorials Graphic

The Bassel Duik Series

The Duik Bassel Series focuses on Nicolas Dufresne's (a.k.a. Duduf) excellent free scripting tool kit for After Effects called Duik. I feel this is one of the must-have tools for digital puppet animators who use After Effects. To see why, start by viewing the introduction group below.

WOTM: Adobe After Effects® Expressions Graphic

JavaScript Primer WOTM Tour

This tour is powered by the JavaScript Tour menu in the sidebar, which is a simple tool to help organize your reading of several Word of the Moment (WOTM) entries. If you are new to After Effects or have never written code, following the JavaScript Tour menu in…

Controllers & Expressions Series announcement graphic

Controllers & Expressions Series

This tutorial series has two main goals. The first is to provide you with ways in which you can build controllers right on your After Effects composition panel, making often-used controls such as blinking and speaking easy to access. These controllers can be…

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