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Tutorials: Series

Series tutorials are constructed to be viewed in the order they are presented as they are actually a single very long tutorial cut into pieces for easier consumption. They build heavily on the previous video, often using the same files (but not always).

Tutorials: Quick Tips

Quick tips tutorials are constructed to be viewed in one sitting over a short period of time. As with series tutorials, any files needed will be provided on the tutorial's page.

Software Notes & Advice

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Like anyone who uses a computer, I sometimes come across an issue with the software or scripts I use. Or, on the positive side, make a discovery or find information that doesn't need a tutorial, but might be useful to others. That's what you'll find here.

Glossary: Word of the Moment

Word of the Moment featured image

The definitions in Word of the Moment are written in context of the articles and tutorials published on this website. For example, many of the After Effects related definitions are written with the production of character animation…

Resource Links

Open Source Free-Software Links

The open source software (OSS) links provided here cover the entire production process, from storybook to final editing. OSS is computer software that is made available for distribution at no cost to the pubic by…

Off-Site Resources

Below are some locations on the internet which offer some valuable information if you are interested in character animation. Although my emphasis is on After Effects because that is what I'm working with most…

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