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General Directories

There's no place like home.

Home page of donQmedia where you’ll find the latest posts, announcements, and highlights.

If you want to see it all, but not in any particular organization.

A list of every active post from newest to oldest. Created for those of you who like to browse.

Where old content goes to die.

Where outdated content goes to die. Go here to see the ghosts from donQmedia’s past.

Tutorial Directories

Controllers & Expressions Series announcement graphic

A tutorial series that focuses on learning JavaScript in context of building graphic controllers.

Duik Bassel Graphic - Rigging Stickman

A tutorial series that focuses on Duduf’s Duik Bassel tool kit; a must for After Effects animators.

WOTM: Adobe After Effects® Expressions Graphic

A guided tour through Word of the Moment entries that will help you learn JavaScript basics.


Word of the Moment featured image

Word of the Moment offers a glossary of  terms as they apply to animation and animation software.

Printed Media

Mubwon Chronicles: Of Dragons, Boxes, and Periapts

You can read a synopsis, prologue, and first two chapters of my novel here.

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