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Stickman, part 2:
Tweaking the Stickman rig

In this video we’ll polish our auto-rigged Stickman up a bit. We’ll start by checking out the rig’s parenting to make sure there are no errors. Then we’ll use Duik to quickly modify controller position properties which will allow you to move Stickman to his resting position easily. Next I’ll show you how to turn the Duik guide lines on the limbs and limb controllers off and on, should you want to do that.

Important: If you completed the Stickman rig in Stickman, part 1: Basic rig using structures, you can use that file instead of the work files offered below. Save a backup before proceeding with this tutorial, then save a copy of your finished work as it will be built upon in the following tutorials. Alternatively, you can download the work files available on each tutorial page. The After Effects files were created in version 16 (After Effects 2019).

Duik Bassel Stickman Part 2

Tweaking the Stickman Rig

Downloadable work files: This 352 KB zip file contains the Adobe Illustrator file Stickman 3.0 and the Adobe After Effects (v. 16) File Stickman S2. The After Effects file is rigged up to the point where I stopped in the last tutorial.

Stickman Video 2 (352 KB zip) Project Files

Video content:
  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:36 Find the project files
  • 01:02 Quality control check
  • 02:13 Zero out the controllers
  • 04:08 Hide or show Duik guides
  • 05:29 Closing & Credits
Stickman, part 1: Basic rig using structures
Modifying Stickman, part 1: Rigging a head turn
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