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Stickman, part 1:
Basic rig using structures

This video is a complete remake of the old Duik tutorial about rigging Stickman, and was created to reflect the massive changes made in Duik Bassel’s rigging process.The Stickman tutorials, while suitable for beginners, do assume you have a basic knowledge of how After Effects works, and that you know your way around the common workspace panels. You don’t need to be familiar with Duik Bassel, except, of course, what was explained in the Introduction section of this series.

Important: If you are following along and complete this tutorial, save a copy of your work as it will be built upon in the following tutorials. Alternatively, you can download the completed work files, available on each tutorial page. The After Effects files were created in version 16 (After Effects 2019).

Duik Bassel Graphic - Rigging Stickman

Rigging Stickman With Duik Bassel

Downloadable work file: This 226 KB zip file contains the Adobe Illustrator file Stickman 3.0.

Stickman 3.0

Video content:
  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 00:27 Downloading Stickman
  • 01:29 Look at Stickman in Adobe Illustrator
  • 01:56 Importing Stickman
  • 02:25 Preparing the composition (duration & layers)
  • 04:24 Setting the guides
  • 05:48 Placing the anchor points
  • 06:59 Check Duik’s settings
  • 07:24 Hominoid rig explained
  • 08:51 Rigging the spine
  • 11:25 Rigging the left arm
  • 14:08 Rigging the right arm
  • 16:00 Rigging the left leg
  • 17:32 Rigging the right leg
  • 19:34 A few notes about Stickman’s rig
  • 22:13 Credits
Find, download, & install Duik Bassel
Stickman, part 2: Tweaking the Stickman rig
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