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Modifying Stickman, part 2:
Time remapping foot animation

In this video we will do something a little different with the feet animation. Instead of creating switch layers, we will animate the vector points of Stickman’s feet within compositions. Then we’ll connect this animation to sliders via time remapping expressions. This will create a smooth movement when either foot changes direction.

Important: If you completed the Modifying Stickman, part 1: Rigging a head turn you can use that file instead of the work files offered below. Save a backup before proceeding with this tutorial, then save a copy of your finished work as it will be built upon in the following tutorials. Alternatively, you can download the work files available on each tutorial page. The After Effects files were created in version 16 (After Effects 2019).

Duik Bassel: Modifying Stickman Part 2

Modifying Stickman, part 2: Controlling feet animation through time remapping

Downloadable work files: This 295 KB zip file contains the Adobe Illustrator file Stickman 3.0 and the Adobe After Effects (v. 16) File Stickman MS2. The After Effects file is rigged up to the point where I stopped in the last tutorial.

Modify Stickman 2 (295 KB zip) Project Files

Video content:
  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:11 Preparing the timeline
  • 01:36 Precompose the foot layers
  • 01:58 Preparing the left foot for animation
  • 02:43 Preparing the right foot for animation
  • 03:26 Reposition the foot compositions
  • 04:17 Animating the left foot
  • 06:26 Pause (either animate the right foot form memory, or go back to 4:17 and do the same actions for the right foot)
  • 06:32 Time remapping the right foot
  • 10:15 Time remapping the left foot
  • 10:17 Closing
  • 11:00 Credits

Code from the video

The code below is provided as a reference, and was copied directly from the video After Effects file. Expression fields that contained only a pick whip connection are not included.

R Foot Time Remapping Expression

S=thisComp.layer("C | R Foot").effect("R Foot Animation")("Slider");

L Foot Time Remapping Expression

S=thisComp.layer("C | L Foot").effect("L Foot Animation")("Slider");
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