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Text & video updated: 30 November 2018

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Video 6 of the Controllers & Expressions Series:
Rigging Angie’s eyes, part 1 of 5

This video begins a five part project where we’re going to rig Angie’s eyes (doesn’t include the eyebrows). The work files are available below for download if you want to follow along. This video will focus on preparing the eyes and controllers so we can begin connecting them with expressions. We’ll start off by constructing a controller that moves both horizontally and vertically, appropriately called the X Y Controller.  We’ll also add some slider controls to the Effect Controls Panel, as well as a checkbox, which we will linked in part 2.

Controllers & Expressions Series announcement graphic

Rigging Angie’s eyes,
part 1 of 5

Downloadable work files: This 5.9 MB zip file contains the Illustrator files Angie Head, Horizontal Controller, Switch, X Horizontal Controller, and X Y Controller which are used in the Rigging Angie’s Eyes Project.

Rigging Angie’s Head zip file

A complete set of work files for all projects in this series is available on the directory page:

Controllers & Expressions Series

Video content:
  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:35 The X Y Controller in Illustrator
  • 1:10 Puppet perspective & saving
  • 2:13 Importing & building the X Y Controller
  • 4:55 Housekeeping (organizing)
  • 6:11 Clamping the X Y control handle
  • 7:31 Adding a checkbox and sliders to the Effect Control Panel
  • 9:40 Using a mask to make the eyes visible
  • 11:31 End Credits

Code from the video

The code below is provided as a reference, and was copied directly from the video After Effects file. Expression fields that contained only a pick whip connection are not included.

Clamp expression for X, Y controller handle

Angie’s blushing cheeks, part 2 of 2
Rigging Angie’s eyes, part 2 of 5
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