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Video 2 of the Controllers & Expressions Series:
Rigging a simple door, part 1 of 2

The first project I’m going to show you will be presented in two videos. In this first video, I’m going to constructed a horizontal slider that can sit on After Effect’s composition panel. I’ll be introducing the clamp expression, which is essential in creating composition controllers with stable handles. The project will involve connecting the slider to control the opening and closing of a door.

If you choose to follow along with the tutorial, you can download the work files below, or download the entire set of work files for this series at once by going to the On-Site Resource & Downloads page.

Controllers & Expressions Series announcement graphic

Rigging a simple door,
part 1 of 2

Downloadable work files: This 444 KB zip file contains the Illustrator files Horizontal and Simple used in this tutorial (it does not contain the 2.5 D door file).

Simple Door zip file

A complete set of work files for all projects in this series is available on the directory page:

Controllers & Expressions Series

Expression introduced:
  • clamp( )
Video content:
  • 0.00 Introduction
  • 0:32 A look at the slider
  • 2:19 Importing the files
  • 2:45 Preparing the door
  • 3:40 Example of faux 3D door
  • 4:17 Adding the controller to the comp
  • 4:48 Make controller handle’s starting  position property 0,0
  • 7:19 clamp( ) expression explained
  • 8:08 clamp( ) expression is created for the slider handle
  • 10:09 End credits
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