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Free project work files

Updated: 11 July 2018

To download, either click on the file link to send the zip file to your regular download location, or right-click and select Download Linked File As… so you can place the file in a folder of your choosing.

The files provided for download on this page are free, and provided for use with donQmedia’s instruction videos. All materials were created by Jared Mark Graham and have been provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, with the exception of Stickman 1.1 which has been released to the public domain. Questions or permissions beyond the scope of this license can be requested by going to my contact page.

Get files for these projects:

Project File: Angie 1.5.1

Angie Series Graphic

This 2.3 MB zip file contains all the project files for the After Effects Series 2 rigging tutorials that were on this website before I redesigned it. While those tutorials are no longer available on donQmedia, you can view them by going to my Vimeo account here (the previous link takes you directly to my archive section). More about the series and a list of the videos available can be found here. This file package contains the Angie 1.5.1  Photoshop file, which is not used in the Controllers & Expressions Series.

Project Files: Controllers & Expressions Series

Controllers & Expressions Series announcement graphic

The Controllers and Expressions Work Files zip (15.1 MB) file contains all of the work files you’ll need if you want to follow along with my Controllers & Expressions Series. The zip file expands to three folders; the numbers indicate which video’s the folders cover.

  • 02-03 Rigging a Simple Door
    • 2D Horizontal
    • Simple Door
  • 04-09 Rigging Angie’s Head
    • Angie Head
    • Horizontal Controller
    • Switch
    • X Horizontal Controller
    • X Y Controller
  • 11-13 Icon grid for Lip Synchronization
    • Angie 3.a Icon
    • Angie Head

Controllers & Expressions Work Files zip file

Project File: Stickman


As basic as you can get when it comes to puppets, this Adobe Illustrator® puppet file (221 KB; Zip) can be used to follow along with the Duik series tutorial Auto-Rigging With Duik.

Stickman 1.1 zip file

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