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Duik Bassel: Create Controllers panel, part 1

While the Create Controls Panel is divided into two parts, each video stands alone, meaning you can view them in any order.

Part one of a two part Quick Tip that features Duik Bassel’s Create Controllers Panel. I divided the panel up in a way that allows you to view the parts in any order, as the features explained in part one have no effect on the features explained in part two.

In part one we explore: How to create a controller using the Create Controller panel. It also explains the Select, Show/hide buttons, and the Edit Controllers panel which opens with the Edit button. The Edit Controllers panel allows you to select and change a rig’s icon color and size. It also lets you decide if you would rather use null layers for your controllers instead of shape layers, which take a bit more processing power when previewing animations.

Duik Bassel’s preferences should be set to Standard or Expert mode (not basic). If not, you may not see some of the buttons or options discussed in the Duik Quick Tip videos.

Video content:
  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:25 Introducing the Create Controllers Panel
  • 1:00 Manually creating a controller
  • 2:19 The Select and Show/Hide buttons
  • 2:50 The Edit Controllers Panel
    • 3:29 Editing the icon size
    • 4:31 Editing the icon color
    • 5:16 The Get Button
  • 5:58 Edit icons in the Effects Control Panel
  • 7:04 The Bake Appearance Button
  • 8:24 Controller type toggle buttons
    • 8:37 Shape layers vs. null layers
    • 9:11 High quality vs. draft mode
  • 9:23 Closing & credits

Links & other information

If you are unfamiliar with Duik Bassel, here’s where to go to learn more: What is a Duik Bassel & why do I need one?

Official Duik Bassel documentation on the Create Controllers Panel.

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