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Video updated: 30 November 2018

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Duik Bassel: Add & edit bones panels

Quick Tips Duik Bassel

Edited 3 May 2020

The Add Bones button creates guide layers so that you can animate vector points and their Bézier handles independently. You can use them with shape layers, including masks, as well as puppet pins, and the spacial properties of effects. The button offers a Edit Bones Panel where you can customize the color and size of the icons within the shape layers to better organize your layers. You can edit these icons even after they are created and you have started to animated with them.

Duik Bassel’s preferences should be set to Standard or Expert mode (not basic). If not, you may not see some of the buttons or options discussed in the Duik Quick Tip videos.

This Quick Tips video assumes you are familiar with After Effects shape layers and how to manipulate their vector points. It does not cover the animation process. If you are not familiar with these topics, the following After Effects Quick Tip provides more detailed information about them: Guide Layers for Bezier Vectors in After Effects.

Video content:
  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:22 What is a bone/armature?
  • 1:03 Finding the Add Bone panel
  • 1:22 Adding bones to a shape layer
  • 3:05 The Select Bones & Show/Hide buttons
  • 6:35 Changing the color of the icons
  • 5:50 Changing the size of the bone icons
  • 6:33 The Get and Set buttons
  • 7:03 Connecting bones to mask points
  • 8:26 Connecting bones to puppet pins
  • 9:25 The Bake Appearance button
  • 10:00 Credits

Links & other information

If you are unfamiliar with Duik Bassel, here’s where to go to learn more: What is a Duik Bassel & why do I need one?

Official Duik Bassel documentation on the Create Controllers Panel.

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