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I’m keeping the website live while I update it

Construction Message

What’s going on with the tutorials?

As you can see by the posting dates, donQmedia has been inactive for quite some time (except for updates here and there which are hardly noticeable unless you happen upon an updated page). While it is normal for me to go months before posting a tutorial series, as I have to squeeze them in when I have time, this is the longest gap yet.

My current goal is not to build another series. This is because once I start a series I commit to publishing at least one a week, and completing an entire series is so time intensive I can’t work on other projects as much as I feel I should. However, I still want to add tutorials about some of the things I’ve discovered and learned over the past year. The solution I’ve come up with is to create single concept tutorials. This would allow me to occasionally create a single tutorial without pulling too much time away from other work. The best of both worlds, so to speak.

I will post an announcement when I’m ready to start my first tutorial of the year, but before I do that I feel there is another issue I must address first.

What’s going on with the website?

I want to reorganize the menus a bit and change some of the structure of the site. In fact, I’ve already changed URLs to several pages. I am adding forwards to the old URLs so that any links, especially those referred to in my videos, will find their new home automatically. Also, I’ll be adding a few pages and taking down a few others. I also plan to reactivate the contact page so you don’t have to have a Vimeo account to contact me. No videos will be removed, and the overall look of the website will remain the same.

I’m doing all of this while keeping the website live, which means there may be a glitch or two while visiting donQmedia over the next week. Most likely, if you do run into a missing page (404 error) or other problem, it will be corrected within a day. If that happens, I appreciate your patience.



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