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Introducing the Quick Tips section

Tutorials: Quick Tips

Note: The first post to the Quick Tips section will be 13 March 2020.

What is the Quick Tips section?

As the name implies, Quick Tips are very short tutorials focusing on one feature or concept. Most often the tutorial’s focus will be around the use of After Effects and character animation. My goal is to make them less than 10 minutes long, and very much to the point. Occasionally, I will include additional material on the page where the Quick Tip resides for those that want to explore the examples more in depth. The tips will stand alone and can be viewed in any order. I expressed my reasons for this in the Spring cleaning in February post, but the short version is these tutorials take much less time to produce. These tips will also be titled clearly so that if you are already aware of the feature it introduces, you can skip it and move on to something else.

Isn’t this just another type of series?

Anything labeled a series on this website is a set of tutorials with a specific order in which they must be viewed. A series of tutorials is really a single tutorial broken up into pieces, and each part depends on the previous video to reach its goal. Once I commit to a series, I publish a posting schedule, usually at least once a week, so visitors will know when the next video in the series can be viewed. Obviously, I can only do this when I know I’ll have time to produce a series of videos.

As stated above, Quick Tips topics will stand alone, so they can be random in nature. This year, producing another tutorial series is just not possible, as my time is being consumed by multiple projects. However, not wanting to abandon this tutorial site all together, Quick Tips was born. I realize it’s not a clever or original title for such a section, but it is to the point, just as the tutorials within will be to the point.



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