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Quick Tips not so quick in starting

New Release Date

A self-inflicted schedule SNAFU

As followers of this website know, when I publish a video series schedule or tell you the date something will be posted I rarely miss that promised date. Unfortunately, this is one of those rare times. The irony is the promised tutorial is finished, at least the tutorial part of it is. As I begin to tack on my standard introduction and end credits an idea came to me about how I would like to change these for the Quick Tips videos. Unfortunately, there is no way I can update those in time for tomorrow. To add to the problem, my schedule gets quite hectic next week, and so to be assured I make my new promised release date I’ve set it to 13 March (yes, 2020).

Something to look forward to

The coming tutorial is going to compare three free scripts for After Effects. These scripts can attach guide layers to shape layer vector points. Two of these scripts will give you complete control of shape layers, meaning even the Bézier handles of the points are attached to guide layers. This allows you to animate vector shapes anyway you please. Because each point, including its Bézier handles, can be keyframed, you can use motion paths to have individual points move in arcs as you would an object as well as apply easing.

Of course, with great control comes a great amount of layers, but hey…if you’re doing character animation in After Effects, you’re used to being neck deep in layers anyway. As for me, I think the control you get is worth the layer bloat.



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