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Rainbow Lab announces crowdfunding campaign

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Note: The crowdfunding will end 12 June 2010. If you missed the date, you can still give using the Duik link in the sidebar.

Rainbox Laboratory is the non-profit arm of Rainbox Productions. It’s run by Nicolas “Duduf” Dufresne, the co-founder of Rainbox Productions, and creator of Duik Bassel as well as other tools for animation and motion picture production.

Along with Rainbox Laboratory’s Community Manager, Léa, and many contributors, Duduf offers all of the software they produce at no cost. But we all know nothing is truly free. There is always a cost. Duduf, like all of us, must juggle his time between doing what needs to be done to live and doing what he wants to do, which is build great free software tools for the world. Without help, he can’t invest as much time to produce the tools you may be using; perhaps using everyday.

Duduf does have a Patreon website where you can support his work on a monthly or one time basis, but it doesn’t bring in enough for him to do major improvements, updates, and add new features. This is where the crowdfunding comes in.

The user community has a chance to show our appreciation, and, in return, will reap the benefits of better tools. Duduf knows there are some people who can’t afford to give, especially with the current Covid-19 pandemic affecting people economically in a very serious way. But if you’re fortunate enough to have the resources, and use any of Rainbox Laboratory’s tools (or just want to support this good cause), now is a great time to drop some cash their way. The fruits of their past have provided some innovative and fantastic tools. Let’s see what the future will bring.

On 18 May 2020 the crowdfunding campaign for Rainbox Laboratory Begins.

Use Duik?

If you use Duik, please consider supporting its creator, Duduf.

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