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Duik resources created by Duduf

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Links & information updated: 11 December 2019

The Duik Bassel manual

Besides the tutorials on this website, there are, of course, many other resources you can find to learn more about Duik Bassel. Some of the newest material has been created by Duduf (Nicolas Dufresne) himself. If you’re looking for a manual, he offers two versions, available on Both editions are paperbacks containing 196 pages of information about using Duik.

Black & White Edition

List Price: $27.17
Price: $21.74*

*At time of publication.

Full Color Edition

List Price: $54.95
Price: $38.47*

*At time of publication.

Also available from Nicolas Dufresne: Duik Bassel: The Source Code Book for $17.95. The following quote is taken from the page where you can purchase this book.

This book contains the complete source code of Duik. It’s a manifesto for open source software. It’s a way to physically show how open source software is different from other software, to show and explain how important it is, how even this small free software may weigh to change the world.

–Nicolas Dufresne

The official character rigging course by Duduf

Screenshot from video course.

This video course is 8 hours and 57 minutes long and covers the rigging process (structures, auto-rigging, and the walk cycle). It is intended for people who are familiar with After Effects (layer parenting, effects, pre-compositions, keyframes, interpolation, and the puppet tools). The course is available on for $45.00 (at the time of publication).

You can find a free introductory video and more information at Video Tutorial The Official Character Rigging Course With Duik Bassel.

Manual image and image used with video section were taken from Nicolas Dufresne’s page about his tutorial course.

Use Duik?

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