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No, donQmedia has not gone the way of the dodo

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What’s been going on

Seeing as how my last front-page  post was March 15th of last year, I can understand if people were beginning to think that donQmedia had all but turned out the lights. However, if you have dived into the website, you might have noticed I’ve been editing pages off and on throughout the year, especially those in the glossary. So while the website has been in stasis in terms of new tutorials, it hasn’t been completely abandon. While I have plans to add more content to the site, as well as rework it a bit, I can’t promise a specific date. My goal is to have the tutorial discussed below up before the end of January (yes, of this year).

What’s coming

I’ve been working with adding physics to my puppets, which I intend to share in the future. Using a slightly modified version of Dan Ebberts inertia script (Realistic Bounce and Overshoot), I have been giving hair and cloth some inertia effects. This can save lots of time by not having to animate such movement through keyframing. However, rather than producing a video, I’ll be sharing some of what I’ve done within a text tutorial (with some short animation examples, of course) for those who might be interested.

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