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May’s publishing schedule revised

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Updated 15 May 2020: Canceled tutorial on color expressions, as I’ll be constructing a Word of the Moment entry in the future and that topic is better suited there.

When I decide on a topic for a tutorial, I usually create an outline of points to cover in order to get an idea of how long the video will be. As I’m trying to keep the Quick Tips brief, otherwise I would have named them Long Tips, I’m finding I will have to split some topics into parts. I posted my tutorial plans for May prematurely, as I had not outlined the next Quick Tip for Duik Bassel about the Controllers Panel. It turns out this panel holds a lot of power, which I knew, and to cover it well will exceed ten minutes, which I should have known. In short, I’m splitting it into two parts.

With all of that said, here is May’s tutorial publishing schedule.

8 May 2020

Duik’s Controllers Panel, Part 1

How to create a controller. Explores the Select, Show/hide buttons, and the Edit Controllers Panel which opens with the Edit button.

15 May 2020

Duik’s Controllers Panel, Part 2

Explores the Tag button, the the most powerful tool in this panel, one I consider essential to make my animation life easier, the Extract button and its options..

22 May 2020

Color and Expressions

Gives a basic comparison of the color coding models (RGB, HSL, HSB, hexadecimal and CYMK) used in graphics programs, then focuses on After Effects and the ability to control the color of text and shape layers with expressions. It also covers the color conversion expressions RGB to HSB and HSB to RGB.

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