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May will bring at least two more Quick Tips

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This post’s schedule is not longer valid, please see: May’s publishing schedule revised

Edited & updated: 2 May 2020

Just a quick note about upcoming tutorials. As the title of this post says, I’ll be getting at least two tutorials out in May. The first one will be a DUIK Quick Tip and will show you how to use DUIK Bassel’s Create Controllers Panel.  With it, you can change the standard icons used on controllers when using the Auto-rig & IK button. This video will be posted on 8 May 2020.

The second third video is a Quick Tip After Effects tutorial, most likely to arrive on  May 22nd. This one will show you how to use expressions to control the color of type and shapes within shape layers. I’ll demonstrate how I scripted my introduction and ending credits for my Quick Tip tutorials so that they change tiles and colors depending on what category of tutorial I’m working with by clicking a single checkbox control. By doing this, I use a single master After Effects file for all my Quick Tip tutorials.

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