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Change is in the air

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A postponement for a better fit

In one sense the deadlines I set for posting on this website are arbitrary. Yet, anytime I say I will post something by a certain date and then don’t, even if I give warning before that date, nags at me. Unfortunately, several issues have arisen which will cause a delay in my plans to post the promised tutorial about using an expression to add a little physics to a puppet’s hair.

While one of the reasons for the delay is a personal issue, the other is self-inflicted. As I pondered where the new tutorial would be placed on the website it occurred to me there were several organization and fixes I have been putting off due to lack of time. I’ve also been reevaluating where I’m going with the site as I did back in 2018. The reorganizing and restructuring won’t be as dramatic as it was back in 2018, but I feel it’s time to shake things up just a bit.

How long this will take is hard to say, and at the moment it is impossible to pin down a date that would come close to being accurate. Instead, I can only ask you to bear with me as try to improve what’s here.



Supplemental edit: 24 April 2021

My odyssey in trying to add the aforementioned tutorial, as well as work on the website, has taken me down many roads that kept me from achieving those goals. Again, when I get time I’ll come back to the site. Meanwhile, I’ll leave the lights on as long as I think the tutorials and other information are of some use to visitors.



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