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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

–Arthur C. Clark

No ads on my site, but then there’s this book…

Mubwon Chronicles book cover

388 pages, 6 x 9 inches
ISBN-10: 0692577270

Besides creating animated shorts, another goal I set for myself was to complete the novel I had started many years ago. I offer a sample here for those interested. Don’t let the cover fool you, this isn’t another Watership Down. While it begins with the air of a fantasy novel, you’ll discover it is science fiction in the end (no, there are no midichlorians).


Mubwon Chronicles is a post-apocalyptic tale of a different color. The Earth is peopled by an assortment of sentient beings with human-like intelligence, grouped by clans, that differ in appearance as much as our current animal kingdom. The story takes place in a thriving world where science and magic coexist, and many of the world’s inhabitants strive to build peaceful communities. Yet, a utopia this is not.

A member of the Dragon clan has been abducting children from a Lumin borough, triggering a group of Lumins to form a posse. As they quest deeper into unknown lands, accompanied by Dredger, a member of the Mubwon storytelling clan, what they learn goes far beyond a child stealing Dragon. Not only are they forced to confront hostile clans and magic curses, as well as their own prejudices and fears, but they must stop a conspiracy designed to enslave the entire Lumin clan.

Through all of this, the scientifically minded Professor Bunkip struggles to understand the nature of magic until he learns the truth behind its origin and nature, as well as the origin of the clans.

Mubwon Chronicles: Of Dragons, Boxes, and Periapts; copyright © 2016 by Jared Mark Graham. All rights reserved.

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Mubwon Chronicles
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Available in paperback ($18.00) or Kindle ($4.99), or can be ordered through your local bookstore.

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