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Where old content goes to die.


Welcome to the content graveyard. When tutorials and other content go to that great hard drive in the sky, their lifeless corpses land here in this dark corner of the website. They arrive here because the information they contain has become outdated (e.g. the great Duik Bassel revolution, announcements, etc.), or I’ve learned a better way to do something, either from other people or from my own experiments with puppet animation. Either way, here they’ll stay until I’m overcome with embarrassment at how archaic they’ve become and delete them. This is the web, though, and we all know that nothing ever truly disappears. The last remnants of a page’s ones and zeros drift through the ether that is the internet remind us all: we’re just visiting this planet but what we upload on the web is forever.

The Ghosts of Tutorials Past

The Ghosts of News & Information Past

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