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Tutorials from the past

Updated: 3 November 2018
This series is base on the pre-Duik Bassel update, and so has been banished to my archives on Vimeo. If you are familiar with Duik Bassel, it is possible to use it for this tutorial set, but you’ll have to improvise when using Duik to rig.

Angie Tutorials Graphic

The Angie rigging series of tutorials was retired after the release of Duik Bassel. Eventually, I will most-likely update the full rigging of Angie, as I have also changed a lot of my rigging techniques.

This series is  in 5 parts (9 installments) which run a little over four hours.

Angie Series GraphicDownload the Angie files

This 2.3 MB zip file contains all the project files for the After Effects Series 2 rigging tutorials (links to Vimeo below). This file package contains the Angie 1.5.1, which is a Photoshop file and is not meant for the Controllers & Expressions Series.

Angie Files Zip

The series covers character rigging using some of the same techniques in the The Duik Series,  including the use of Duik to speed up the rigging process and add inverse kinematics scrips. The puppet Angie, by nature of its design, is more complex. First, we applying After Effect’s puppet tools in combination with anchor pin rotations on the limbs. We’ll use expressions with expression controls to rig the facial features, as well as allow us to add features to the puppet beyond the scope of Duik. As a final touch, we’ll learn a way to create a partial head turn to make Angie a bit more dynamic.

All of this is accomplished without the use of third party plugins, except, of course, for the free rigging script Duik. This tutorial series was created for Duik 15 or earlier.

The files provided for download on this page are free, and provided for use with donQmedia’s instruction videos. All materials were created by Jared Mark Graham and have been provided under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, with the exception of Stickman 1.1 which has been released to the public domain. Questions or permissions beyond the scope of this license can be requested by going to my contact page.

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