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Find, download, & install Duik

Duik now comes with Dugr (DUduf GRoups). This script allows you to identify groups of layers so you can shy (hide) and un-shy them as you work. Quite useful on complex puppets or animation projects where layers can run into the hundreds.

Two choices: 1 read, or 2 watch

[1] Four easy steps

  1. Go to Rainbox Production’s Duik page (opens in new page).
    • [Optional, but cool] I recommend that you watch the 3 minute video on this page, as it shows you a variety of animation and art styles used my animators working with After Effects and Duik.
  2. Click on the download button under the video which takes you to step 3.
  3. On the download page, select your operating system and download the file.
    • With After Effects not booted up, click on the downloaded file and it will give you the standard set of questions for installing software.
  4. To access the script panels, go to the window menu in After Effects and they’ll be listed at the bottom of that drop down menu.

[2] 4 minute walk through via video

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