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Exploring the Duik Rig

This tutorial is a follow-up to Auto-Rigging with Duik. It focuses on the puppet controls that were added when the Duik script auto-rigged Stickman. This video may move a little slow for an experienced After Effects user, but you still may find it faster than trying to figure out what each Duik control does by exploring it on your own.

What you should know before beginning this tutorial:
Although intended for people who completed the Auto-Rigging with Duik tutorial, no previous knowledge is required to understand the content of this video as it is designed for people new to After Effects and digital puppet rigging with Duik.

You can explore all of the controls that Duik placed in your puppet when you auto-rigged it yourself, or you may want a walk-through first. If so, this video focuses on all of the puppet controls that were added by Duik. This is an informational video, and you do not need After Effects up and running to learn from it.

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