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Auto-Rigging with Duik

This tutorial shows you how to auto-rig an After Effects puppet (limbs and primary body parts) using Duduf’s Duik script. You can download the free Illustrator file Stickman 1.1 (see below) if you wish to follow along with the tutorial.

What you should know before beginning this tutorial:
If you plan to follow along with this tutorial, you should have a general understanding of the After Effects workspace and how to create projects. Also, Duduf’s Duik rigging script should be installed into After Effects.

StickmanDownload the Stickman file

As basic as you can get when it comes to puppets, this Adobe Illustrator® puppet file (221 KB; Zip) can be used to follow along with this tutorial.

To download, either click on the link below to send the file to your regular download location, or right-click and select Download Linked File As… so you can place the file in the same folder you plan on using for this tutorial.

Stickman 1.1 zip file

The video below shows you how to import and prepare the Sickman Illustrator file in After Effects so that the Duik script can work its magic. It walks you through how to set-up the puppet, matching the body parts to the correct auto-rig fields. Then, with the click of a single button, your puppet will be rigged. The auto-rigging is great, but the best part is your puppet will have inverse kinematic scripts automatically written into it so that animating the puppet is a lot less work than a manual rig.

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