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Unless I publish a schedule, posts are sporadic

This website can go without updates for long periods because I’m working on projects which make my tutorial production time limited. If I start a tutorial series, consistent periodic updates will occur until the series is completed. New tutorial series, along with a timeline of publishing dates, are announced in the News and Information section above. Also, the latest tutorial is always posted below that section.



Two types of links:

Standard link: donQmedia Home (underscored with a solid line) which will take you to a different page or a different location on the same page.

Tool tip: inverse kinematics (underscored with a dotted line) Word of the Moment links that  open a tool tip and are used to define terms used on this website. There are standard links in the tooltip if you want more information about the word being defined.

Most recent privacy policy changes:

19 August 2020: in the name of protecting the privacy of visitors I discontinued using Google analytics, which set cookies to track information about visitors as well as possibly trying to follow you from website to website.

7 October 2020: updated text in the Log Data section to make it clear this website no longer uses Google Analytics to monitor and analyze any log data from your browser.

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There's no place like home.

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Mubwon Chronicles

A Post-apocalyptic tale of a different color.

the synopsis

the first 24 pages.

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