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This website can go without updates for long periods because I’m working on projects which make my tutorial production time limited. If I start a tutorial series, consistent periodic updates will occur until the series is completed. New tutorial series, along with a timeline of publishing dates, are announced in the News and Information section below. Also, the latest tutorial is always posted below that section.



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WOTM: Adobe After Effects® Expressions Graphic

JavaScript Primmer WOTM Tour

This tour is powered by the JavaScript Tour menu in the sidebar, which is a simple tool to help organize your reading of several Word of the Moment (WOTM) entries. If you are new to After Effects or have never written code, following the JavaScript Tour menu in the order given should give you…


There's no place like home.

Mubwon Chronicles

A Post-apocalyptic tale of a different color.
the synopsis
the first 24 pages.

A minor change has been made to this website’s Privacy Policy page, and as stated in that policy I will post a notice about any change on the front page of donQmedia for at least 3o days.

Under the “Cookies” section of the privacy policy, this portion has been changed:

Like many sites, cookies are used to collect or store information such as keeping you logged into a website as you go page to page.

The above text has been replaced with the following to make that statement more relevant because logging into donQmedia is not necessary to view any of its free content:

Like most modern websites, cookies are used on donQmedia. For example, if you click OK  to accept cookies, a cookie is created to tell your browser it doesn’t have to show the cookie message that pops up, as required by the European Union, every time you navigate to a new page.



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