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Updated 27 February 2023

Change is afoot (no…really, it is)

While the content of this website has been left up and running because I think it had some value to people beginning their exploration into After Effects expressions and the Duik toolset, I believe it has reached the end to its relevancy. In other words, it’s outdated. This is not only due to the vast changes in DUIK, but also because of the expanding features in After Effects that were not available when the videos on this website were created. For example, as you probably know, you can now use any layer as a track matte multiple times by selecting the layer you want to use as a matte from the drop-down-menu on the target layer located in the Timeline Panel.

Currently a replacement site is in early development but I do not have a target date for its upload. When I do it will, of course, be announced here. The plan is to focus on expressions and JavaScript as it relates to After Effects expression fields (as opposed to writing User Interface scripts like DUIK).

DUIK Information

The public release of Duik Ángela was on 30 January 2023, More information about this new, much expanded, version con be found on RxLaboratory’s website. The link to the the Ángela page is here.

As stated in my last update, Duduf and the RxLabratory have also put together many tutorials to help you get a grasp of the new tools. Their goal is to provide a complete set of tutorials that will cover every aspect of the new version of Duik. I have provided a few quick links below this announcement.



Quick Links Concerning Duik

Duik Angela Graphic
Duik Angela Graphic, created by RxLaboratory.

Unfortunately, I will not be focusing on Duik tutorials when donQmedia is updated. However, Duik and RxLaboratory will be creating a library of tutorials, available in both French and English, which will explain every aspect of the new Duik Ángela toolset.

Links to get you started with Duik:

Latest Tutorial

Latest Software Notes



As announced at the top of the page, donQmedia is undergoing a change in design and direction. Because of this, there will be no postings until the website redesign has been completed.




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