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Updated 9 October 2022

As stated in previous announcements, the content of this website has been left up and running because I think it still has some value to people beginning their exploration into After Effects expressions and the Duik toolset. However, with the release of Duik 17, expected in November of 2022, much of the content will become irrelevant, or at the very least not reflect the many changes coming to Duik. After Effects has made some important changes that affects puppet rigging since my last tutorial entry was posted as well.

Special Side-Project

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of disruption in schools, as I’m sure you’re aware. My wife and I, being educators, did some tutoring of our grandchildren last year to supplement the online offerings of their school. Part of this involved the integration of research, writing, and communicating what was learned into the project below by Naomi, my 4th grade (at the time) granddaughter. We hope you enjoy it.

For those interested
An Adobe pipeline was used which centered on Character Animator for the interview animation which allowed Naomi to animate the puppets in real time one attribute at a time. She wrote the script and decided how to present the puppets, choosing the news-like interview formate due to the Rin (Scarlett) puppet not having any moveable arms. We recorder her voice using Adobe Audition, and she used the Pitch Shifter Effect to decide how she wanted Mr. Axolotl’s voice to be modified. It was also a good exercise in learning about intellectual property rights and how to look for Creative Commons or public domain images on the internet.

I worked on the more technical aspects, such as creating the opening title and end credit sequences in After Effects. After Effects was also used to join the two separate Character Animator files into one, as well as add the axolotl images. Then I combined those elements with Naomi’s interview animation in Premier Pro as well as added the CC subtitles.

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As announced at the top of the page, donQmedia is undergoing a change in design and direction. Because of this, there will be no postings until the website redesign has been completed.




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